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A Moose Story

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

This is part one of the Fitness Retreat Series. Email me if you want to know more about the retreat and how to sign up.

The time spent on my body and mind opened the door to many ideas.

I must start with the highlight. During one of our afternoon hikes, where guides took us all over the hills, I was slushing around with my feet, trying to grab the ground as the snow melted below.

The slowest out of the bunch, I resolved to enjoy this afternoon hike. My guide (Ashley) ensured I was not alone and engaged in a discussion. She was fascinating, young, firm in her beliefs, open to talk, and ready for adventure. As we chitchatted while my feet slipped right and left, sometimes moving forward, she sang with her love for the outdoors.

Then out of nowhere, she looked behind me and said, “Jamie, there is a Moose behind you” I was ready to peer along the hillside and spot a Moose trucking along.

I was suprised to find a Moose ten feet behind me.

Ashley, in her calm voice, said OK “we are going to continue to walk” – “let me get behind you and talk calmly.” That is what we did. I put my head down and sloshed, I trusted Ashley, and she continued to talk me through.

After some time, the moose slowed down and turned around on the path. We stopped to breathe, and I realized that this is how life should be!

At a moment when pure panic could have set in, we put space between ourselves and the issue (moose). We whispered, and the leader stated the next moves. There was no debate; there was no question. There was only trust.

I am going to take this with me.

When I want to react;

I will step back,

allow for distance and

listen before responding.

Thank you to the moose for giving me this life lesson, and to Ashley, thank you for your leadership!

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