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From Iraqi Veteran toPh.D. Candidate

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As a young adult and single parent, Jamie Gustafson joined The U.S. Air Force. During her six-year enlistment, she learned many lessons both stateside and while serving in Iraq during Iraqi Freedom. Her exposure to the military taught her the value of community.

These lessons were the catalyst that led her to an education in community development and new service opportunities. In the process, she earned her BS and MS in Organizational

Management and has nearly completed her Ph.D. in Philosophy in Business. As she has evolved, she has honed her focus on promoting small Nebraska communities and existing and new small business ventures.

As Jamie nears the completion of her Ph.D., she is asking for help with research on small businesses in Non-Urban Nebraska (outside Lincoln/ Omaha). Her research seeks to find leadership and management qualities that support and develop strong teams and thriving businesses.


If you are an employee or founder of a small business within Nebraska (outside of Lincoln/Omaha), please help Jamie by completing the linked anonymous

surveys found below.

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