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The idea is the cornerstone of the journey to a successful ditigal product. It serves as the catalyst that propels innovation and drives the creation of solutions that resonate with customers. The Business Wizard, plays a pivotal role in helping you nurture this initial concept, providing the necessary guidance and knowledge to shape it into a viable offering. By focusing on the idea, you can tap into unmet needs, innovate effectively, and craft offerings that truly connect with your target audience, setting the stage for a successful launch and beyond.


Turning an idea into a digital product involves following a clear process that includes research, design, testing, and improvement. In this structured approach, let me guide you in carrying out tasks effectively, reducing risks, and making the most of available resources. It's a continuous process that adjusts based on feedback and lessons learned.


Crafting a digital product marks a new beginning rather than a conclusion. Allow me to lead you through a journey of ideas and methodologies aimed at constantly enhancing and developing the digital offering. This approach sets the foundation for innovation and growth.

A Few Words from Others!

Jamie Gustafson’s professional experience in human resources, marketing, operations, and financial management is of particular note. This real-world expertise lends her strength in guiding others to understand the practical applications of concepts.


Jamie is wonderful to work with and has excellent expertise in leadership and coaching. She is not only reliable and forward-thinking, but her dedication to success is bar none. Jamie has assisted me with projects such as building my company website and the intricate details associated with that. Jamie is a great player and is very innovative.


Marketing Manager

Jamie is a strong problem solver. Her strategic mindset and innovative thinking contribute significantly to successful projects. Her ability to foster connections and build relationships helps build trust and overcome barriers along the way. In addition, it creates a positive and collaborative team environment. Lastly, another key attribute of Jamie is her resilience in high-pressure situations. She maintains composure and inspires others to stay focused.

System Director

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